Bday Downtime At Woodhouse Day Spa

In my previous blog post, I wrote about my trip to Medieval Times for my birthday. That was only half of my celebration. The next day hubby surprised me with a massage booked at my favorite down time spot Woodhouse Day Spa. What makes this place so special? Read on to find out.

Woodhouse (at least the one in Fort Worth) is a special little gem of a spa. It has hands down been top notch in terms of ambience and service. Every time I’ve come, my massages are so dreamy they leave me in a euphoric state.

Upon arrival and check in, they lead you down a dim hallway to the locker room area. After a quick change into a cozy oversized spa robe and slippers, you go to the waiting room to lounge until it’s time for your service. I chose to come an hour early for my check in so I could read my book and sip on some delicious cinnamon tea unhurried. Additionally being a Monday there weren’t many other people so I basically got the whole space to myself 😏

When my masseuse Marla came to get me, she promptly told me my hubby had booked me two whole hours of bliss!! It was MUCH needed too. I am terrible at carrying tension in my upper body. It’s a bad habit I likely formed during my corporate days years ago.

Now as a homemaker I am constantly tensing my upper half with my daily to dos so I need reminders to stop it lol. Before she got started, Marla said something that made me want to cry. She told me she could tell I was a good mother because of how much I use my hands. They were especially in need of massage work and even the suggestion that she could tell how hard I work at my homemaking just by feeling tension in my hands said a lot 🥹

Once I got on the massage table, I practically melted into the sheets. The table heats up so it’s nice and cozy for the duration; a wonderful added touch. My favorite part was the hot towels wrapped around my feet. That’s the part I started dozing. Marla worked out all my kinks. It was a fabulous detoxing of the body and left me feeling like a good nap was in order.

The two hours went by at a temperate pace. Once the massage was over, I was escorted back to the waiting room to relax with a warm neck pillow and a nice glass of champagne to ease out of my spa experience.

Needless to say I’ll be back again for more spa time. Hopefully sooner than I can imagine. If you’re looking for some good ole fashion down time, Woodhouse is a great spot to try out. Til next time, happy relaxing 😌

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