Yoga + Beer at The Collective Brewing Project

IMG_4627Yep, you read that correctly! Yoga and beer. Two things that can only be combined when someone does it on purpose lol!. This past Saturday hubby and I ventured to Collective Brewing to practice our poses and dabble in some local suds.


It was a huge turn out! About 50 people somewhat sardine like packed into the main brew area. It did force us to quickly get acquainted with our mat neighbor to the right and left. Hubby and I arrived about 10 minutes prior and we just barely got a great spot. Even after class started at noon, people were steadily walking up, yoga mats in hand, ready to get that namaste in.  IMG_4621

The event started off with some awesome full body warm up stretches from a yoga instructor that also happens to lead classes at my local Anytime Fitness (pictured above). She took us through an hour long realm of poses and sun salutations. The main focus being on the side body and let me tell ya, after punching out a sweat in yoga I (probably everyone) was more than ready for that cold brew.FullSizeRender-2

There was a quick 10 minute break for Collective to get the room set back up and allow us yoga-ers to put our mats back in our cars. By the time hubby and I got back two seconds later we opened the door to a huge line! I grabbed us a seat while he waited to grab our brews. #Teamwork! Thankfully the bartenders were hustling so the line ended up moving very fast.IMG_4624 Included in the ticket price was 3 drinks in addition to the yoga session (very generous in my opinion). Hubs and I decided on a Funky Thunder and a Cranberry Petite Sour consecutively. Then my second round I switched things up to a more hoppy Tropic Thunder (It made me very very hoppy lol).

We sat for an hour chatting with another local couple that goes to our gym and just getting to know our Fort Worth neighbors. Nothing says community like gabbing it up over a nice brew post workout. It was so much fun and they had such a wonderful turn out, there will probably be many more in the future.

Overall that was the only getting out of the house adventure we really had this weekend. Even though it was low key, it served us well in combining a couple of our favorite things into one grand session. I am currently putting the bug in our yoga instructors ear to do a yoga and wine class. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to blog about how fun that was too ;).

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