Let’s Be Cute At The Gym

IMG_3439I really enjoy working out at our local Anytime Fitness. As I have become more of a regular, I realize one thing that helps me get excited about a workout is figuring out what the heck I plan to wear. It probably sounds crazy, and it might be, BUT I have also noticed when I take the time to find something cute and functional to sweat in, I actually do more work lol!

IMG_3454Weird right? And this is totally in a non showing off manner, strictly a me thing. I could care less what anyone else has on. I just know I need to feel great and part of that comes from looking great (or at least thinking I do lol).

I stick to a pretty simple regime when it comes to my gym rat apparel. It involves mixing some tech pieces with basics, pops of color with neutrals, and fashion with function. Let’s dig in!

First off, when wearing tops, I generally stick to basics in neutral colors. Going this route I save tons of money because I find these to be less expensive pieces of my outfit. Occasionally I will find a cool tag line tee that I can’t pass up, but generally I won’t spend more than $10 (I mean come on, it’s like buying expensive trash bags). H&M has amazing basics that are perfect for workouts. I really enjoy the lose fit tanks that hang away from my body…they let the abs breath lol!IMG_4398

Secondly, I dare to dabble in the over the top printed bottoms (like below). Since I’m already wearing a basic top I typically feel the need to throw a dash of fun in the outfit. Think of it as the mullet of gym wear; serious up top, party down below lol! IMG_2834IMG_2793

Thirdly, I go for some fun shoes. Nothing feels better than lacing up a crazy concoction of multicolored sneaker goodness! I jump higher, run faster, seriously…I go for it in a good pair of shoes.

It also doesn’t hurt to have at least one neutral colored shoe as well. I have a pair of grey Nike Free 5.0’s (that you’re probably tired of seeing because I have them in all these photos lol). They go with all my outfits and it feels like walking on pillows. I call that a gym win win.IMG_2828  IMG_2941

Lastly, and certainly not least, I accessorize. I am fortunate enough to be blessed with head sweat. Although I do enjoy earning my sweat, in order to keep it out of my eyes I’ll throwing on a cute headband to complete my look. Another great accessory option is shoe laces. If I’m short on cash for a new pair of tennies I can always use fun color laces to spruce up the old ones. IMG_4509There’s nothing wrong with being cute to excersize. I used to over think what others would say about my going through the trouble of putting together outfits for the gym. Now I just don’t care. I realize that putting together a cute gym outfit is actually part of my workout. I hope this post encourages you to try it for yourself (in the case you have been hesitent before). See if you don’t push a little harder next time you’re hitting the weights! And if you need somewhere to find awesome workout apparel feel free to check out my Posh Closet. I usually keep a stash of Nike and Lululemon up for grabs 😀

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