Did I Just Step In Gum? My Intro To Poshmark


(For some reason, me fumbling around on Poshmark for years before finally “getting it” equivocated to the feeling of stepping in gum lol)

I joined Poshmark in 2012. At the time I was working a corporate desk job when a friend came to my cubicle telling me about this app where I could make a little pocket money selling clothes directly from my closet. I was somewhat intrigued. Historically, I have only ever sold clothes to Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor, or just given them up to Good Will, so of course I had to check out this “amazing app” and see what all the fuss was about.I downloaded the app to my phone and literally did nothing with it over the corse of the next several months. I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do or how to even do it. I did know how to do one thing….BUY lol! So basically the app was rendered useless unless there was something designer item I wanted to purchase. I didn’t have any help, had never heard of a PFF or a Host Pick and I certainly didn’t care.

Fast forward about a year later after getting married and leaving the corporate arena I decided maybe it was time to try my hand at selling. I had a handful of items that I planned to take to a local Plato’s to which they would probably give me $5 if that for all my gently used designer items. I grabbed a handful of designer items, took some thrown together pictures, listed them and waited….and waited…..AND waited. Guess what happened? NOTHING.

First Posh SaleAt least nothing happened immediately. About a month later, I had my first sale. It was a pair of gently used Citizen Jeans that no longer fit (I still scroll down to the bottom of my sold items to look at how far I have come lol!). I had listed them for $35 not exactly sure what would happen. It was either that or take them to Plato’s and get a mere $5. When they sold I was excited, anxious, and pretty nervous.

After that sale, I found myself slowly over the next couple of years getting acquainted with the app. Even though I was rarely engaged, every couple of months I would get a surprise email notice that one of my items had sold and to please ship. The last item I sold before really getting involved on Posh was an Ann Taylor Chevron Necklace. I didn’t know it had even sold for a few days and when I finally decided to log onto the app I was met with messages from the buyer asking when it would ship. I hurried and got it in the mail feeling quite ridiculous for not knowing someone had purchased it.

Old Closet pics

In January of this year, I had logged on to the app after being dormant for several months and for the first time I noticed something. I looked at my followers…I had about 800. I began to think to myself, why are these people following me? I haven’t even been on here?!? How are they finding me?? As I started to dig the wheels in my head started churning. I began to wonder, if I actually tried what would I be able to accomplish on here?

I already had a following from doing absolutely nothing so I figured I could help that out by being at least more socially active on the app. I began to comment, share, and like other listings. I did an entire overhaul to revamp my closet…I started to care. And guess what? I started to see my sales increase, my following grow, and people started engaging back with me.

It was a really nice feeling. I had put forth effort and I saw the fruit of my labor. How about you? Hopefully your experience is MUCH better than what I went through. I wouldn’t want anyone to experience what I did. Had I known what I know now, I definitely would have approached Poshmark from a different angle. But that’s ok, you live and you learn right?

What is/was your newbie experience on Posh? What do you wish you had understood or known back then?

4 thoughts on “Did I Just Step In Gum? My Intro To Poshmark

      1. I have just started blogging too! I found you because I posted a blog about posh and then started looking for other people who have posted about posh! So glad I connected with you! I will tune in to your blog post!


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