Cheers To A Midday Mocktail

IMG_5370One thing people learn about me really quickly is I am a doer. If I see something I want to try, I do it. That is no different when it comes to cooking food or mixing a fab drink like the one pictured above.

This Margarita-ish Mocktail is compliments of a blog I follow called I had been seeing her super fun and simple dishes and immediately wanted to try some of these recipes out for me and hubby. 

What I love about this drink is that it’s very refreshing and easy to make. When you’re talking about facing a wave of lovely Texas triple digit heat anything to cool the pallet sounds appealing. The mock-tail doesn’t have many ingredients either; just limes, honey, jalepenos, and sparkling water (I love recipes with less that 5 ingredients lol).

I made the drink to go with a pasta dish we had the other night and we almost drank the whole batch because it tasted so good. It’s lightly sweet and spicy, two of my favorite combinations when it comes to flavor profiles. And with the bubbly texture of a sparkling water, it reminds me of soda or kombucha.

It is also so appropriate as an early afternoon drink. When I don’t feel like having that Moscow Mule (or it’s just too early in the day lol), it’s nice to know there are some tasty mocktails out there that appeal to my interests.

Needless to say now that I am hooked on this drink I will have to venture into the other options Mackenzie has posted on her blog. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome talent! Can’t wait to try my hand at some of your dinner recipes!


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