Weekend Trip to ATL

IMG_5290Getting out and about is easy when you like to travel. This weekend Hubby and I flew to Atlanta for my cousins wedding. Apart from the obvious intention to go down and witness this awesome union to celebrate (Whoop!! Whoop!!) we were really excited to dig into some uncharted adventure.

Of course before all that adventure can ensue, there’s the dreaded packing (I hate packing) and the lovely airport security checks. But there’s a Starbucks at the end of my golden rainbow which helps make all this tasking a little more forgivable.


I still feel adventurous when flying. There’s something magical about being in the air. I believe part of the excitement of getting somewhere is experiencing the sights along the way. What better that thousands of feet above the earth cutting through clouds?

(Side note: I would like to clarify that take off, touch down, and turbulence are excluded from excitement for me lol!)FullSizeRender-2

The first thing we did once arriving in Atlanta was eat fried chicken (and I’m not just saying that because I’m black lol)! Busy Bee is a little spot near downtown and is frequented by a very diverse crowd. My husband got the recommend by a friend so we went directly from plane to plate.


The wait was only 45 minutes and that’s generous considering we happened to pop in on Fried Chicken Day! While we sat outside drooling over the aromas and enviously watching those come and go with their called in ahead plates; we killed time by talking with other locals anxiously waiting for their names to be called next in line.

We got ours to go and it was one of the longest drives back to the hotel! The entire car smelled like chicken-y goodness. As soon as we got to our room though, we seriously chowed out. No talking….eating!IMG_5298Contrary to popular stereotypes, I’m one of the few black people that only “likes” fried chicken, not love. I also don’t care for the bone in chicken (I just uttered blasphemies I know, I know). But this chicken was soooo good I actually forgot to take a picture lol!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed dark meat chicken with a side of greens and fried green tomatoes. The greens are tangy and sharp, packed full of a subtle smokey goodness. The fried green tomatoes were crisp and tart! The best I’ve had (aside from my uncles home made ones). And oh the chicken…..juicy, tender, everything chicken ought to be (again this coming from a girl who hates bone in chicken).

After our chicken raid, it was time for a little R&R before checking out ATL’s night scene. We met up with some cousins on my hubby’s side that took us to this place called The Graveyard, a vibe spot out in East Atlanta Village.

What’s great about this bar is there is plenty of space, so even though it’s crowded, it’s relatively easy to order a drink. The music was on point (they played Drake 90% of the time and who doesn’t enjoy Drake???) And it’s a diverse crowd which adds to the bustling ambiance.

After a full night of dancing, of course we were hungry again. So we stop at this local late night place called Delia’s, which is thoroughly known for its chicken sausage. At first I didn’t understand that all they served was different variations of chicken sausage. I thought they were just being redundant. Nevertheless it was delicious, I highly recommend (and I’m not just saying that because it was 3 a.m. and I was super hungry).


The next day we decided to hit up The Vortex, a bar and burger place I have so much respect for now. When you are seated, they give you a menu where you can read all their rules, quippy remarks, and gutsy comments. Mostly it made me laugh, but it looked to be written by someone who might have formerly been a waiter annoyed by uppity restaurant rules and regulations.

IMG_5297       IMG_5296

Aside from the lovely reading, the decor is anything but passive. Their walls are adorned with wild animal heads above the tables, skeletons on motorcycles, and giant bugs in picture frames lol! With such a lively atmosphere the expectation for the burger is ever elevated, and they did not disappoint!

IMG_5293 IMG_5294

I ordered The Four Horsemen; a medium rare half pound of awesome with grilled onions, mushrooms, and a peppery horseradish cream sauce that seriously puts it over the edge! The service is great, the food is amazing, I would definitely come back to The Vortex and get sucked in anytime.


Right after Vortex we decided to venture around downtown and found ourselves at The Underground. It’s a shopping mall coined as “the city beneath the streets”. There wasn’t anything hugely enticing about the spot which is unfortunate due to its great location and swelling potential. Some boutiques had cute dresses and one even had this weird spiked backpack, but nothing enticing enough to purchase. We middled around a bit before finally heading back to the hotel to get ready for my cousins wedding.

For weddings, I always seem to struggle when it comes to finding a dress and this time was no different. It took FOREVER to find this Calvin Klein, but on the plus side, I got it for a great deal ($24) and I’m pretty sure this will be my new “attending a wedding” dress for as long as it fits.  It was perfect for a night of food, fun, and celebration. And hey, I actually ended up matching the bridal party for once 😊 . FullSizeRender-4  IMG_5258The weekend went by so quick, it did leave something to be desired in our travels, but we ultimately did what we came to do and that was very fulfilling. Even though the trip felt really short and we had so much more we would have liked to fit in, hubs and I already know we will be going back to ATL to scope out more fun adventures.

And at least this next time we go back I know one of the most important things is to call ahead and order that chicken!

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