Posh ‘N Sip Fort Worth

IMG_5409I have to accept that my life is anything but normal. I always get into the most random occurrences and mostly just because I am being myself. Well, that is how Posh ‘N Sip happened. I would like to talk about what it is, how I came to co-host one, and what I learned.

FullSizeRender-5First off, I have heard of Posh ‘N Sip. It’s a social gathering of local fellow Posher’s where you get together, show the newbies the ropes, and share tips and tricks with a group of peers (and the occasional sip of wine of course). I always figured I would attend one, I just didn’t realize that the first time I would be attending I would also be co-hosting with my new PFF (Posh Friend Forever) @TiffyCharlotte.

We seriously met through the PM app. I was doing my regular sharing, sharing, sharing and came across this awesome new closet. I immediately LOVED it and started sharing like crazy. After a little bit a comment popped up and it was @TiffyCharlotte thanking me for the Posh love. I always do that thing where I go and look at others “About Me” listings and I noticed she was very local, right here in Fort Worth. I reached back out and let her know that if she ever wanted to meet up to go over Posh stuff, I would be more than happy to help her. We got each others Facebook info and planned a meet up for later that week.

At our meeting, we gabbed over Posh experiences. I answered questions and we just learned about each other. Then, the topic of Posh ‘N Sip came up. “I wonder if they have any local ones going on?” she inquired. We both whipped out our phones scrolling through the app in search of a Fort Worth meet up. There were some people commenting about wanting to go, but none about hosting.

So then Tiffy was like “We should totally host one!”. I chewed on this for a second, and thought, sure, why not! It can be a nice little gathering and we can just meet other Fort Worthian Poshers. I was in! We put a plan in place to get a listing going and see if we would get any feedback. At that point we seriously only thought maybe 5 other ladies would show up, including me and her…..boy were we wrong!IMG_5407I put the listing up, tagged some local gals I knew and it went mini viral lol! People were tagging like crazy, sharing, commenting….I don’t think either of us was prepared for such a huge response! Before I knew it, we had mapped out an agenda, planned goodie bags and topics to discuss, and the sign up list had grown to 20 ladies!

IMG_5406We had the meet up at a local bar/restaurant The Live Oak. Because we had such a large party, we ended up taking over half the room! Guests sipped on $5 Host Picks and easily mingled with everyone who attended. Topics were covered like, how to get more sales, how to grow followers, and what to do in tough situations.

We got so much great information, I thought it would be nice to share some of the biggest lessons learned:

  1. Make sure to follow @official_forum and @poshjeepgirl (who helps run it). This is something I learned LATE in the game, but the forum is very helpful for posh party announcements, share groups, and Q&A. It’s created by users for users so make sure you are in the know by following!
  2. Follow games can/do work! I was very skeptical about these up front, but after hearing it straight from @poshgarden (a full time posher) I was immediately intrigued. I’ve never really participated in a follow game, but I will be trying it out soon! (I’ll post about how it goes).
  3. Share groups are exhausting, BUT the juice is worth the squeeze. In discussion with @kden_wallace she let us know that she actually use to run a share group. They can be time consuming so a word from her wisdom was pick a smaller share group (like 50 people sharing 5 items each). How this helps is it keeps your items on the Posh feed because someone is constantly sharing it. More exposure equals more $$$!
  4. If you want to get into wholesale, be prepared to work! I’ve heard countless people, myself included, wanting to go further into selling by dabbling with vendors. @Poshgarden really helped us understand how much really goes into being a power seller on the next level. Make sure and do your research, be patient, expect things like returns and exchanges, plan your steps, and seek out other Posher’s for help. It can be worth it if you’re willing to lean in and not give up!
  5. Have fun with it! This is something I learned from ALL the ladies. We might have different styles, different tactics, but at the end of the day we can all agree we really really really enjoy Poshing!

I hope you feel like you were there even if you were not able to attend. And I know we will be having another in the future due to the strong success of this Posh ‘N Sip, so just be ready and stay tuned 😀


9 thoughts on “Posh ‘N Sip Fort Worth

  1. I LOVE this post!! Thank you for sharing these tips, I will keep them in mind. I hope the next time around I will be available to video chat! 💕

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