The Following: How To Help Increase Your Posh Audience

IMG_5466We’ve all seen it, and we’ve all thought it…how in THE HECK do these girls on Posh do it? How do they have massive followings and I’m just peas on a plate? Ok so maybe I’m the only one that thought like this, but I’m not afraid to admit that it really irked me. When I started to really focus on my closet in January of 2016 I had 800 unearned followers essentially. I figured gaining more followers would be simple, and guess what, I was WRONG. Dead wrong!

The answer to how to gain more followers and make more sales lies in the science of your closet. Followings has a lot to do with what brands you carry, your self sharing abilities, your ability to share other closets, and how your cover shots look just to name a few. Thankfully after much trial and error I have noticed some significant things that help gain followings (besides being on the Suggested User list). I was able to go from 800 to now 9000 followers in 5 months so I would like to share some pointers on how I was able to achieve this.

1. Make sure to carry brand names in your closet

When I first started, ALL my brand name items sold first. And why is that? Because Poshmark is the place to go to find gently used DESIGNER items at a fraction of the cost. Think about the reasons you’re up late at night scouring Posh for that pair of Jimmy Choos. When potential buyers see that they can come to your closet for brand names, they are more likely to shop and follow you. I’m not knocking the Forever 21 dress you have listed for sale (trust me, I’ve sold some myself), however, the priority is designer, so make sure you at least have some so people can start being familiar with your closet as the place to score a great deal on Tory Burch or Nike etc.

2. Self share your listings ’til your fingers fall off

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this but seriously, sharing is one of the best ways to expose your closet. I share while I’m getting a pedi, I share when I’m in the passenger seat, I even share while I’m on the elliptical at the gym! When you share, you are boosting your items in the feed. And if you want a little trick I learned from a fellow posher, when you share on your phone, click into your listing and in the top right corner click Edit > Next > List. This not only shares to your following, but it boosts your item on category/brand pages so your listing shows up at the top.

3. Share others listings ’til your fingers fall off

I didn’t notice this until a couple of weeks ago, but I was sharing like crazy other closets on the feed and when I refreshed the page on one occasion I noticed that my picture popped up stating something like “@kub0001 shared so n so’s items, check out their closet”. So by me giving someone else exposure, I get exposure to! You might be fingerless by the end of 2 and 3 but, I promise sharing is as worth it as it sounds. People are more apt to follow when you share Posh love!

4. Get that money shot right!

The cover shot, what I like to call the money shot, is that first photo that initially draws people in to your listings. It is so very important to get this right. Think of what you see when you’re scrolling through categories on Posh. Are you more apt to go look at someones closet when the listing looks pretty average? Or are you looking for that clear shot that displays something to be desired? We eat with our eyes first. Do not sleep on a great cover shot! (*Side note, if you’ve seen my closet and like my shots, I will be doing a post soon on how I achieve my money shots).

5. Suggested User exposure

This one is a little more specialized because it involves being in the Posh Suggested User Program. I will tell you though, this has been the later part of my success with gaining followers and more sales. I’ve only been a SU since June of this year. And I’m not saying that it is not important, it’s just up until this point most of my following has been gained from points 1-4 listed above for me. If you’re an SU vet, you probably already know all of these tips. So basically anytime I know I’m being featured and I start to see my numbers heavily increase I just stay active on Posh really kicking  tips 2 and 3 into high gear. I know the scale will tip at some point to most of my followers being gained from being boosted on the Suggested User list, it’s just a matter of tenure.

So there we have it. 5 tips on how to gain more followers and eventually lead to more sales. I hope this was educational and helpful. And if you have questions, please feel free to ask me :).

What have you done to gain more followers on Posh, care to share?

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