Have I Mentioned My Tory Burch Obssession?


Before there were any other designers in my life, I have to give recognize my very first venture into designer territory. Tory Burch was, and still to this day remains, my favorite designer love.


It all started 6 years ago back in 2010. With much self debate, I finally decided it was time to get a nice designer bag. I wanted something unique and that would stand out, but remain classic. I came across the Tory Burch Color-Block Crock 575 bag (pictured above). I knew from the moment I saw it, I would be attached to this brand for life!

Over the years I would curate my collection. Gathering items that really spoke to me. The clean classic lines with global appeal certainly helped me love this brand even more. I love that I can be as comfortable and stylish as I want without my appearance screaming “Designer!”. The subtle symbol placement and simple tailoring make Tory Burch one of a kind for me.

Everything pictured I have owned. Since I am in a new stage of life, I don’t need to have many of these items, but some I have kept for sentimental reasons (like my Color-block bag) and some I have sold. I’ve always loved finding some great Tory Burch and just wanted to share some of my items that I cherish by my favorite designer. Enjoy 🙂



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