Who’s That Girl?? Exposure From Poshmark


One of my favorite things about Poshmark is that they are all about supporting their community and showcasing those within their community. In other words, they are really great about shining the spotlight on their Poshers.

Who doesn’t love extra exposure? It’s a nice confidence boost, it showcases a little bit about who you are, but it’s also shows that Poshmark is willing to take an extra step to do something they really don’t even have to do. And that’s why I am so thankful anytime I do get a little bit of exposure from them.Up until this point I have been featured on their blog, the feature posh party cover photo twice, and on their Instagram. I hope it doesn’t sound like I am just bragging on myself (how much of a jerk would I look like lol). But, seriously, I am super thankful and I just wanted to share some different exposures I received and even share a couple tips on how you might be able to catch their eye too.

Poshmark Blog: This is my most recent exposure from Poshmark. I co-hosted a Posh N Sip with my buddy @tiffycharolette and it couldn’t have been a wiser decision! They seek to expose those who are active in the community. So if you’re looking for a way to get some exposure, host a Posh N’ Sip or local meet up. Never know, they might write a nice article on ya 😉Posh N Sip on Poshmark Blog

Poshmark Instagram: No lie, I was so geeked to find out that Posh selected my photo to post on their Insta one Friday night. They have 149K followers which is tons more than my little 200 followers (and I am proud of each and every last follower I have). But that’s a big deal. They could have chosen anyone’s photos and they did me the honor of choosing one of mine! So humbled! It helps if you have an Insta to tag them on one of your great shots. Go look on their IG for ideas of photos that they look for to increase your chances of being selected.


Posh Parties: I must admit I had no idea that I was even featured for either of these parties until a fellow PFF was like “Hey! I recognized your closet! You’re a party feature image!”. I have no idea how or who gets to choose these photos but to whomever you are out there a huge THANK YOU! I love being the face of a party! It makes me feel better that they like my style enough to let me be the first image shown.


Suggested User Wheel: Ok so this one is actually a benefit of being in the Suggested User program. One of the first times I was ever featured I scrolled down and saw my face their under Suggested Users! Of course I had to snap a screen grab. I’m glad I did because I have been on the wheel again, but I haven’t seen my own face since lol! It’s nice to know that somewhere I show up though.


For now that is all the exposure that I have received that I am aware of on Posh. I love knowing that I was able to improve my closet enough to the point that my cover shots are Posh worthy and approved. Hopefully it will continue on the up and up. I am ever so grateful and will continue to stay on my A-game. Thank you Poshmark!

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