Good Eats: Angie’s Bikkles


One of my first introductions to Jamaican style flavors was a great spot over in Dallas called Elaine’s Kitchen. They had everything from fall off the bone ox tail, curry goat, amazing jerk chicken…you name it they had it. The only small problem I had was this place was it being in Dallas. I’m a Fortworthian and I am LAYYY-Z. Like when it comes to going anywhere, if I can’t find it locally, chances are I’m just not going lol!

A couple of weeks ago, I was hunting trying to find a spot for me and a friend to meet up for lunch. After searching on Yelp, I see Angie’s Bikkles pop up. What caught my attention was all the wonderful reviews people had left online. My mind was made up, I was going to need to try this spot out!

My friend and I ended up going and since she had been before she reconfirmed all the great things the online reviews had to say. The spot is very “hole in the wall” but I find those are usually the best places to get a nice bite to eat.

penultimatefullsizerender-32When I walked in, I was immediately hit with this spicy aroma that made my mouth water. The decor is full of bright colors reminiscent of the Caribbean. There are fishing nets and flags adorning the walls, even a huge island-scape mural. On top of that Angie, the owner, is very kind and welcoming.

fullsizerender-14 fullsizerender-15 penultimatefullsizerender-30I ordered Jerk Chicken with rice and beans and a side of greens. The rice has a lovely soft hint of coconut and reminds me of the same style of rice and beans we got when hubs and I vacationed in Puerto Rico. The greens are tangy and sharp, just like I love them…and the chicken….OH THE CHICKEN!!! Let’s just say I won’t need to go to Dallas anymore for my Caribbean dinning needs lol!

penultimatefullsizerender-31I liked the food so much that I literally picked some up for me and my husband to have for dinner that evening. I don’t think I have ever done that. The second time I had the Curry Goat, again…AMAZING!

Seriously, if you’re in Fort Worth and you love Caribbean style food, eat here. You will not be disappointed. I still have several items on the menu to try, but I can bet for sure when I do go back, I’ll be bringing a group with me 😀

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