Poshiquette: Etiquette For Dealing On Posh

Oh this post has been a loooong time coming. I LOVE Poshing. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to sit down with a warm cup of tea and chill on my phone Poshing away.

However, on several occasions, I have started to notice the larger my audience, the more challenges I face when just dealing with people whether buyers or sellers. Since no one in particular asked the question: “Hey Kim, what are some things I want to avoid while being on Posh?”.  I’ve decided to ask and answer of my own merit lol!!! Let’s jump right in! 1. Don’t ask a seller/buyer to take transactions offline. This is actually part of the Posh rules and one that protects all Posher’s. You don’t know who you’re dealing with all the time and for the safety and fairness for all parties involved, it’s best to keep your negotiations in full Posh view.
I’ve been approached on several occasions to take purchases offline all to which I politely decline. I don’t give out personal information and I don’t accept others personal information. So attempting to lure an individual offline with promises of larger profits just isn’t worth the possibility of being scammed in my opinion.

2. Do not start or get involved with Posh drama. Sometimes I feel like I am watching TMZ on Posh with the amount of catty comments and rude remarks I see. Complete listings sometimes are dedicated to trashing on someone or talking about how awful they are. All might be well and true, BUT it is so much more important to be the bigger person.

No good can come from name calling or trying to stir up strife. I thought we were here to sell and buy and have a grand ole time? Let’s keep that at the forefront of our minds when dealing with those who may not have the material capacity to be mature…

3. Do use those peepers and READ. I can’t tell you how many times I have ignored peoples comments/questions just because they didn’t take the time to read the description and listing. I’ve began to completely disregard when I get asked “Trade?” because I clearly put “No trades” on my listings. I get it, we are all in a hurry and just want answers, answers, answers, but sometimes the answer is already in the comments. In fact, since I have been prego I have had to put more information about measurements and texture in the comments just because I am unable to model like I use to.

Another thing it does is make it harder for sellers to take a buyer seriously. I’ve had people ask me like 10 weirdly irrelevant or non value adding questions only for it to end in them disappearing without so much as a “thanks for attempting to give me answers to my impossible questions” (I seriously think some people make it a personal past time of theirs to waist a sellers time). The sellers take a lot of time to answer any and all questions within a listing, so it’s only fair to extend the common courtesy of reading what they say before proceeding with a question.

4. Do not steal other Posher’s photos. This happened to me early on in the Poshing realm. I was just getting good at taking photos and come to find out someone was trying to reuse my photo to resell a pair of pants I sold them. I could care less about the reselling, but I am not about to allow someone to just take my photo as well. It takes me so long to prep, re-prep, model, style, get the right lighting and the right angle. It’s an art, and that is one of the reasons I use mostly my own photography especially with cover shots.

There is tons of controversy about if it’s out there on social media it’s free game and so on, but according to Posh rules, if they steal your stuff you have the right to report them and guess what?? They MUST take it down or Posh will remove it.

5. This is a biggie! Do not advertise on other Posher’s listings. This one has been a more recent issue for me. I’ve had Posher’s with smaller followings literally tag my picture with a long ad for their own closet. This I find just tacky and rude. If you’re unable to generate an audience of your own merit or from being on the Suggested User list, I recommend finding other ways to get your name out there.

The latest tactic I saw was an individual purchased from me, gave me a raving 5 star review and then proceeded in the review to advertise their own closet *insert blank face here*. Thankfully I was able to remove the comment only, but I was quite shocked that someone would do that just to give themselves a pump. Sorry, won’t work in my closet. In fact the best way to advertise yourself or to get someone to advertise you is good ole fashion sharing! Yep, if you drop a share bomb on someone, chances are they will take note and return the favor.

Oh and if you need a quick step guide on how to delete the comment in the case it happens to you, do this: Go to your News Tab > Find the review and click on it > Click at the very bottom “Problems/ Order Inquiry” > Click “Remove Love Note” and TA DA! Note removed!!

There it is. All 5 big Poshiquette tips just ready to be put into practice. I hope this has been educational and helpful. Til next time Happy Poshing!!!!

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