Starlight Flight Tours: A Date Up In The Air

I thought I wasn’t brave enough to take on a date night up in the sky. I should have known better…of course I am!

Every birthday I try to wow my husband beyond belief with a gift he wouldn’t typically give himself. I’ve known for a while that he wants to skydive so I decided to get him a close cousin of a gift with a guided flight tour and co piloting experience.

The date started off meeting our pilot Alex at the Addison Airport in front of a small ‘99 Cessna Airplane. He gave us a quick round about of the plane and where we would be touring over the DFW area. I’ve never been in a plane that small and my hubby has only been once as a kid so we were both excited to share the experience together as adults.

We climbed aboard, placed on our headsets, and buckled up for the ride. It did feel pretty cool to talk through the mic like a professional pilot lol! You get to hear all of the traffic control jargon and even though I had no idea what they were talking about, it was nice to be a fly on the wall.

Once we got going, it was truly spectacular to get aerial views of the Downtown Dallas and Cowboys Stadium. It makes you feel like people are tiny ants moving about here and there.

One of the unexpected things I wasn’t prepared for is how you feel every tiny movement in a plane of that size. I’m used to every once in a while turbulence when flying on larger planes, but this just threw me off. Every gust of wind, every climb or drop feels almost roller coaster-like.

The most adventurous part of the tour was when Alex asked if we would like to do a zero gravity. The point of this is to make you feel weightless and float as is there’s no gravity in the plane. Of course hubby opted in and since it was his gift, I went along with it.

It felt so bizarre! First we climbed a little and then it was dead silent as we dropped. It literally appears like the plane is falling out of the sky! I had to close my eyes because I just wasn’t prepared to see that 😂. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! Hubs decided he wanted one more before we finally took landing.

This was one of the more adventurous date nights we’ve had. I definitely recommend it to those looking for something different to try out. If the pilot happens to ask you if you’d like to try zero gravity, say yes lol! You certainly won’t be disappointed!

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