Dough Boy Donuts

Imagine the best donut you could ever eat…now multiply it by a zillion…then square it….THAT’S a Doughboy Donut!

Me and the little one had the pleasure of making a quick stop in to Dough Boys new spot over off Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. Before I could even get through the door, the sweet smell of doughnuts welcomed me at the entrance!

The beautifully decorated location is very inviting with powder blue walls, casual seating, and of course the tasty donuts. It pulls you in and encourages you to kick back and stay for a while. I especially loved the digital fireplace. How uniquely fun!

Since I’m currently eating a particular diet, I couldn’t indulge all the way like I would have otherwise, but there was a Butter Pecan donut waving at me in the display case so I took advantage 😋. Rich creamy frosting, hints of cinnamon and my favorite of all, the crunchy pecans!!! Is it bad that I didn’t want to share with my own daughter 😳

We quickly gobbled up the donut and had to hit the road. Little one kept looking at me for more, but I already had the last bite 😂🤷🏾‍♀️. No worries though, we will be back again soon and this time we each get our own gourmet donut 🍩

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