Mommin Ain’t Easy

Life is different…not bad, just very different. For the last few months I’ve been a recluse to our home and our family. I feel great about it. I’m just really enjoying discovering mommy-hood and all of its detailed joys.

Of all the things I’ve experienced as a new parent, one of the best is the unadulterated bliss of simply watching my kid grow up. She’s a tiny human soaking in so much knowledge and it astounds me that I get to be apart of that forever. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and in fact, I would like to share some of what happens behind the scenes.

Our days basically start off with food. My kid gives food a whole new meaning; it’s as much a toy as the block on her highchair. My tiny human absolutely lives to squish overcooked pasta between her fingers before shoving it in her mouth. She also enjoys table talk and is adamant about showing off new skills such as clapping, waving, gabbing, and raspberry-ing all while enjoying her meal.

Needless to say, it’s quite the messy event. I’m an organizer/planner at heart, so you can imagine how surprised I am when my 9 month old would rather mash her bananas and peas into her mouth rather than group like items together and eat counter clockwise from her tray 😝

Next on the docket (and truthfully 75% of her wake time) is playful exploring and learning. The tv stays off when she’s up for the most part. This is so I can devote full attention to my adventurous busy Bee.

Lately, her favorite past time is knocking down block towers (there’s actually a term for this called destructive play) I build them, and like a wrecking ball she swipes a mighty hand to extract terrible vengeance on the cloth cubes that will inevitably lay before me.

If it’s not block destruction, it’s most certainly exploration. I can see the gears of Bee’s mind spinning away as I chase behind her ninja crawling self going from room to room “What’s that? How does this work? Why can’t I go in there? What’s in that bag? Who’s at the door?”. I know when she’s old enough to ask questions I am going to be bombarded with them…and I welcome the challenge being an avid question asker myself.

Once she’s tuckered us both out, it’s time for a heaven sent NAP! I’ve never loved naps so much. They are absolute bliss! Granted I’m pretty sure my little one is dreaming about playing even when she’s napping 😆 But that’s pretty much how it goes for us in a day…wake, eat, play, sleep, repeat.

I’m sure in reading it, this sounds easy enough and to be honest, sometimes it is. But not always…

It’s easy to feed her, but not always so easy to find the energy to clean her, the dishes, the chair, and all the food slung everywhere else.

It’s easy to play, but not always so easy to redirect her, or chase behind her, or build that block tower for the umteenth time and cheer her on with all the gusto from when she knocked it over the first time.

It’s easy to nap, but not always so easy to rock her…for 15 minutes…when she doesn’t want to go to sleep…and she’s 18lbs…and doesn’t have the temperament to find her center…yeah, a little hard 😳.

Even with all that, it’s worth it. I have my good days and bad days just like anyone else. Some of those days I might be running on the fumes of fumes trying to figure out how I can be there for my little one and keep it all together.

Honestly mommin ain’t easy, but it’s totally worth it.

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