10 Stores To Fill Your Poshmark Closet Inevntory

I’ve debated posting this for a long while. Not because it’s unusable, but I had hesitation about giving away some of my golden info. Welp, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do the thing that makes zero sense. I’m going to tell you where I thrift and shop for my inventory, how I find items when I go, tips and tricks to get the most for your purchases, and how to flip them for profit. This will be a few part series so be sure and subscribe so you don’t miss all the goods.

Also, a little side note, I might offend some giving away info like this but honestly, when thinking about how those series’ come on HGTV showing how to flip homes and they tell exactly what they did and the before/after values, and how much profit is made, I see no reason as to why it’s not acceptable to do the same here 😊.

So first things first, thrifting is a commitment. Yes it’s hard, it’s a jungle, sometimes you come away empty handed…BUT don’t ever let it get you down. I’ve done the legwork and persistence does pay off.

Now on to the meat of this article…where to find this magical unicorn inventory 🤷🏾‍♀️. Here are my top 10 places to go treasure hunting and why.

1. Goodwill: One reason I like Goodwill is there are so many great pieces available for pennies on the dollar. Don’t believe me? I got the below Anthropologie skirt for $20 (tags still attached) and sold it for $40. I probably could have gotten more if I had sold earlier in winter, but I bought it on a whim and it still paid off. If you have the ability to touch or glance at something and tell there’s quality Goodwill is a great place to find items; it just takes practice.

2. Plato’s Closet: Plato’s and I have an on again off again relationship. I love them because when I have found items like the below Adidas Originals jacket, I’ve cashed out big. The only draw back is I had to sift through tons of junior clothes (like F21 and Rue 21…all the 21’s 😝) that don’t make as much money. However, if you keep that head on a swivel, you’ll be able to catch a great deal. This jacket btw sold same day I listed it within hours…

3. Mercari: There is a select group of people selling online that don’t know or care about dual listing merchandise on sites like Posh or Ebay. They are literally just listing to get rid of stuff. Those are your gems on a site like this. You want to find someone who might not take the best pics, but has great ratings and nice items. Check out this Tory Burch Thea Wallet clutch. I purchased for $100 and sold for $190 later on.

4. Clothes Mentor: When I want to find a name brand item for a decent price, I shop Clothes Mentor. They have tons of options and I usually can come away with some high end pieces. Take for example this Burberry skirt…I paid ballpark $30 and sold it for $120. I go here to find my higher end goods. Some I keep, others I’ll sell…depends on what it is.

5. ThreadUp: This is an online thrift store that has huge potential for closet inventory. I’ve shopped it a few times and found items from For Love and Lemons, Wildfox, Rebecca Minkoff, J. Crew, and Zara. The key here is to search for the lesser thought of name brands that people might overlook. Everyone looks for Nike, but not everyone looks for Club Monaco…get my meaning?

6. Letgo and/or 5Mile: Ok you might be wondering why in the heck I might actually go looking for clothing here. The point is, it’s local and an unconventional way to thrift. Think about it…if 8 out of 10 people are already looking for merchandise to resell at the above listed places, that gives you more opportunities to find gems in your own backyard! Plus no one else is looking here so you get first dibs…maybe only dibs! The possibilities are endless!!!

7. Nordstrom Rack and Rack Online: I go here when I want to find high end items. Typically I do find decent merchandise. It can be a little bit of a struggle because you want to pay a low enough price, but on a good day, I’ll find at least one piece.

8. Dillard’s Discount: There are a lot of items in these stores. They also keep weird hours, but don’t let that stop you because great items lurk around every corner and they are NEW WITH TAGS. Example below was this super cute Kate Spade (RIP 😢) iPhone Crossbody. I happened to find the last one and bought it for $30, sold it for $65. This is also a really great spot to find off season inventory to stock up. Do be advised it is final sale.

9. TJ Maxx: I used to hit up TJX almost weekly when I first started. I just couldn’t get enough. I usually find they have decent deals in the shoe sections. Who knows why, but depending on what store you live near, you can’t go wrong.

10. Burlington Coat Factory: All I have to say is DON’T SLEEP ON BURLINGTON! This place has way more than just coats. Don’t let the name fool you, I’ve found lots of great deals on dresses and shoes here. Plus **bonus** because it’s New With Tags.

There you have it! My top 10 places I’ve shopped and found merchandise to flip in my closet. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

There’s lots to discuss on this topic and this is just part of the series. Next week I’ll divulge my tips on how to actually find great deals in a forrest full of clothes…won’t want to miss it! Til next time, happy shopping!

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