My “I Don’t Want To Look Like A Mom” Mommy Tote

Being thrust into the mother of two worlds comes with certain…predictions. I drive an suv, I only wear yoga pants out of the house, I have a faint yet continual scent of animal crackers emitting from my person at all times lol. While some of these truly define me, I felt like when I was preparing for the new stage of motherhood, more thoughtfulness was needed when it came to the type of diaper bag I would be hauling around. 

After having my first, I learned so much about diaper bags (probably too much). They truly are an important tool on the journey through mommy hood, however, one of my biggest learnings was I didn’t have to sacrifice the look of the bag for its function. All the time before I had been carrying a bag that was super cute and super functional, but I wore it out very quickly. The canvas began to fade from sun exposure, the straps stared to fuzz, and the constant spills had soiled the bag to the point of looking tasteless. I also realized the bag was quite limited in the venues which I could carry it. A bright sunny yellow is only so neutral. Rather than make that mistake twice, I decided to seek out a bag that I could wear in virtually any setting, that would stand up to the wear and tear of two little ones, all while hiding my baby essentials in its chic interior. 
I knew I didn’t want it to look like a diaper bag. For a while I considered possibly going the Louis Vuitton Neverfull route, but reconsidered on the basis of not wanting to spend that kind of money for a bag I would essentially be using for a diaper bag most intentionally upfront. It would need to be unique, rare, eclectic, sturdy, and practical.
No doubt I was asking a lot from this unicorn bag, but after careful consideration and tons of searching, I finally invested in the “diaper bag” of my dreams. This is my Camel Tan Raw Edge Hem Leather Tote purchased on Etsy from Urban Artisan Boutique. I saw it and knew I wouldn’t be able to leave it alone. 
It was everything I needed in a bag. One, it didn’t remotely look like a diaper bag. In fact, when I carry it, people are often surprised to find out I use it to lug around all my kids stuff. Two, it’s made out of very sturdy leather so I know it can handle a beating and keep on going. Three, it was able to fit a custom felt bag insert so I could max out the space. And four, it was within a reasonable price point.
I can carry quite a bit of stuff in my bag:
-Burp cloth
-Baby bottle
-Baby trash bags
-Water Bottle
-Cell Phone
-An extra outfit
-Hand Sanitizer
-And (most importantly) snacks 
I can still fit more in there, but the essentials are all here. I’m so happy I was able to find something I liked that fit all my needs. I get so many compliments already and I enjoy knowing not many other people will be toting around this beauty 😊 
So there your have it. You probably weren’t wondering, but just in case you were, I finally found my Mommy Tote 😂