Case In Review: Keep It Real Real Part 2

Sooooooo here’s my part 2 from the original blog post about the authenticity case being opened on me. If you want to read the original post click here.

Ok so first off I HAVE to say, this case did make me upset…not because of the buyer so much (I mean I did think it was a little brash to come saying something was a CLEAR fake when it wasn’t, but whatever on that). My issue here is with how Poshmark chose to “resolve” it.

The case was originally opened based on authenticity, but closed on a completely DIFFERENT set of terms. I didn’t know that was even a thing 🤔

That’s kind of like saying we are examining a dog and returning because it’s not a cat 😑.

And regardless of it being returned, I believe that Poshmark should have firstly addressed the matter at hand DIRECTLY instead of skimping out and pulling a secondary issue as the reason for the return.

What’s so wrong with stating “the item is Authentic, however we are returning based on extent of undisclosed wear”? After lots of thought, I realized that’s what I wanted…not a hushed indirect “you’re right” but a direct comment stating that I didn’t post a fake for sale! Obviously if it was fake it would have been returned on grounds of being fake and I probably would have got in trouble, but since it’s not and it’s being returned for other reasons, I at least feel that’s a reasonable response to this whole thing. I will accept my item and resell.

A few questions to address before lessons learned…

Are you quitting Poshmark?

No, I don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water even on this one. I have to recognize that when I loose a case, Poshmark looses a case too…THEY LOOSE MONEY. They would rather loose money and hope to make it up on the back end with a buyer than pocket money with a seller. People always seem more eager to sell than to buy…remember that!

Will you block the buyer?

No, she wasn’t in the wrong except for a frivolous claim in my eyes. But even so, she seemed legit and agreeable when I provided her information supporting the items authenticity. I hope she finds what she’s looking for and researches more about it so she will understand what it should look like so she doesn’t end up jumping the gun and claiming “fake” when it’s truly just part of the makeup of the item.

What will you do now that you’ve lost the case?

The first thing I did was email Poshmark back regarding the “resolution” of the case. I simply stated I didn’t think it was ok to call it “resolved” without directly addressing the reason it was brought up in the first place. And they could have asked me if I would have accepted the return too based on the other grounds. Chances are, I would have been willing to receive it back. Here’s a copy of my response email:

The next thing I plan to do is start asking questions and gathering information regarding authenticity cases. When going through this case I found very little information regarding cases being opened due to authenticity issues. I had questions that I wanted answered so I hope by gathering some knowledge, I can help other sellers be informed by posting it here 😊

Are you going to resell your item?

YES! But not on Poshmark. They shall not be getting those dollars 😂 I am going to resell this item on a different platform where I feel I’ll have more seller protection and communication in addressing any potential issues. This was the only thing I could think of that would make me feel better about the whole case was to deny Posh that particular sale in its totality…because let’s face it, it’s gonna sell 😏

Now on to the lessons learned. I always pull from my experiences to make me stronger and hopefully better going forward. Here’s what I learned:

1.You can be right and STILL get an item returned. Don’t ever think you’re beyond a return. You can only control so much. Don’t always let a case determine if you’re right or wrong…please use a different scale, a better scale. I choose to measure my actions and integrity against biblical morals and values. That’s how I stay sane as a seller dealing with some messed up situations such as these 🤪. I know I didn’t do what was claimed against me. I know I didn’t sell a fake. I can stand tall that I didn’t lie or deceive.

2. Different cases take different time frames to resolve. For some reason I thought this would be taken care of in less than a week. I thought 3 days max. And don’t get me wrong, the whole Coronavirus scare might have been a factor playing into why it took longer, but this was definitely the longest case I’ve ever had. Usually mine are resolved in 3-4 day’s for sizing or not as described claims, but I guess when you’re looking for other reasons to return it might take longer 😝 This case took a whopping 8 days to resolve. Yikes!

3. Always prove your case. Keep your receipts and proofs of authenticity, video condition and high dollar sales being shipped, anything you can do to protect yourself and integrity as a seller, do it! It doesn’t mean you will always be done right by another party, but it can protect against frivolous claims or potential scammers. When others know you know your stuff, makes it harder for them to get over on you.

4. Readjust and move forward in a way that helps you cope in a healthy manner. I got mad. I did. And I wanted to do something about it. But reality is, I don’t own Poshmark. It’s not my name on it at the end of the day. So for me, the fairest thing I could think to do is once I receive my item back and confirm it is in the same condition of how I sent it, I will deny Poshmark those dollars by selling it on a different platform. I won’t be moving all my closet to a different selling platform just this one particular item. I think it’s only right since I got subpar customer service with them not even directly addressing the main concern about the item to begin with.

5. Poshmark looses money too. I didn’t really think about Posh loosing money until I had a case of this nature, but it’s a big deal and something to certainly be considered. When we as sellers get upset regarding the outcome of a case, it’s because we want Posh to go for that almighty dollar. We want Poshmark to see how much they are loosing by siding with the buyer and side with us as a seller. But if Poshmark would rather loose money than side with the seller, what’s the bigger picture? I have a theory…maybe in their eyes it’s better to have a happy buyer than an upset seller 🤷🏾‍♀️. Buyers and sellers make the retail world go round, one doesn’t function without the other, but of the two, I do believe the buyer has more power than the seller. If I make my buyer happy, that buyer might be willing to spend more money with me on more items. But if I upset that buyer, I can kiss those dollars goodbye probably for good.

Interesting points to think about as I continue along in my Posh journey. I feel better now that I’ve got this all out and off my chest. Hopefully in the future this can be helpful to others that might experience cases of this nature.

‘Til next time happy Poshing 😆

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