Case In Review: New Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Seller 2018

I donโ€™t know what it is about the fall season that seems to make people want to open cases on me ๐Ÿ˜. Maybe itโ€™s the cooler weather, maybe itโ€™s the closing of the year, or maybe itโ€™s been too long of a โ€œgood streakโ€ and all good things have to come to an end sometime. Regardless, this is obviously going to be a deep post. If youโ€™ve already seen my post on losing a Poshmark case, you know how Iโ€™ve started to approach these situations.

Get your reading eyes out, time to see whatโ€™s different, whatโ€™s the same, and if Iโ€™m able to cope with life after yet another case opened against me.

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Poshmark

As you all know, I love love love Poshmark!! Itโ€™s been fun for me to sell to other people and make a little money on the side doing it. However, anytime you have a lot of greatness going on, there are bound to be a small population of bad apples attempting to spoil the whole bunch.

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Case Opened: Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Buyer

As a Poshmark seller, there have been times I felt treated unfairly. If any of you have ready my post “Case Closed: Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Seller” I give my perspective on what itโ€™s like to have a claim opened against you and how to cope. Maybe some of you have been in that position and had valuable takeaways. But what about the other side of things? What if you open a claim against someone else. Iโ€™ve had to do this before and Iโ€™d like to share my lessons learned. Hold on to your hats, itโ€™s about to get deep!! Continue reading “Case Opened: Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Buyer”

Case Closed: Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Seller

Being on Poshmark is a lot like being in high school. There’s lots of community, drama, and excitement. As much as I enjoy selling and shopping the app, there are times I’ve also gotten frustrated; when I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly as the buyer or the seller. On this and the next few posts I want to talk about challenging experiences and what to learn from them. Get ready, it’s about to get deep!

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