Who Is Lou?

Have you met this guy? If not, he goes by the name Lou Charles. He’s a Fort Worth based rapper that the mister and I met several years ago while checking out local talent at the back then venue called Live Oak. From the jump Lou has shown some crazy charisma in his artistry so when he hosted this last Louapalooza as usual, we had a blast!

Lou’s stage energy is infectious. Even as parents of young kids, we STILL get out here dancing to his latest hits. Among my favorite songs that stays in my workout mix is one called “Never Satisfied”. I think what I enjoy most about it is the unconventional rhythm and slick lyrics.

At Louapalooza 2022, we stepped into an already hype room! The event was in partnership with TX Whiskey and they had this tasty drink of the evening called “The Vandross”. It was a splashy mix of TX, pineapple, passion fruit, and velvet falernum that was mad tasty as a cocktail. I’ll have to try my own hand at the mix soon.

Surprise guests for the evening were Kap G and T-Real & Prince Rick. I’m not even going to pretend I know anything about them, but the hubby clued me in so I could at least write about it on my blog. Plus the crowd obviously knew their music because once they got on stage, everyone went wild!

All in all, we had a blast getting out and going to see Lou live on stage. He truly is a solid rapper and I know I look forward to what more he will accomplish in the future. So now at least maybe you know more about who Lou is. I hope you’ll give him a listen! Def worth it!

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