K-Town Hot Dogs

Oooooh been a min since I put up a good eats post! This time I’m bragging about a local Fort Worth joint called K-Town Hot Dogs.

Since we are becoming somewhat of a foodie family, we try to allow our kiddos a glimpse into the life of adventurous eating. Hot dogs seemed like a good intro to walking that out.

When you first come in, you’ll notice that it’s a cozy little space. They’ve got huge pics of their corny dogs lining the walls. The cool thing about K-Town is they’re not just a trumped up hot dog, they make theirs with a Korean spin on them!

From left to right: 2 Takoyaki dogs, Ramen, and Hot Cheetos

How it works is when you order you choose from the menu of toppings and then add your filling. Me and the mister decided to each get 2. We both tried a Takoyaki dog (which ended up being my favorite) and then I tried a ramen while RJ tried the hot cheetos.

The breading was a crunchy outer layer with a fluffy funnel cake tasting inner layer. There’s a great mix of salty and a slight hint of sweet which I enjoyed. The fish flakes on the Takoyaki was the show stealer for me! It’s a nice textural element and I have no idea what they put in that sauce, but it works!!

We ate our fill and were quite satisfied with the dogs. I highly recommend this spot to try if you’re in the Fort Worth area, you won’t be disappointed!

Til next time, happy eating 😊

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