Welcome To Lockwood

My husband has been raving about Lockwood for weeks now. It’s not just a new bar addition to the Magnolia street strip here in Fort Worth, they are a full on distillery with their own line of liquors! The drink options are as unique and inviting as the atmosphere. I’m sure this will be added to our date night go to’s rotation. Here’s my first experience at Lockwood 😁

On the particular night we went, Lockwood was hosting a pop up for TRVP (a local brand owned by artist/rapper Patrick Junya). When we first walked in, we stopped at the table to view the clothes and kix! Hubby has purchased a pair of these wildly unique sneakers and well, great minds were thinking alike this night!

Next he and I grabbed a seat at the bar and settled on a couple of drink options. We even had the chance to get a food order in before the kitchen closed for the evening.

So for the drinks, I ordered a Benedict Cumberbatch which is a mix of Topochico, Lockwood pineapple rum, and cucumber. It wasn’t my favorite taste…I think in my head I expected it to be different, BUT I really enjoyed what RJ ordered which was a bourbon sidecar with the old fashioned topper (it’s the tall drink pictured above on the lower right). That drink stole the show for me! Might be a new go to 😏

We also had the chance to try out some of their food and that was truly on point! I got a prosciutto and goat cheese flat bread pizza…y’all yuuuuuuuuummm 🤤 Bold flavors all around! I typically don’t care for goat cheese either so I was surprised at how well it came together with the pesto drizzle and salty meat.

The rest of the night we sipped our drinks, kicked back, and chilled listening to Junya perform some of his latest songs.

By far this was a much appreciated date night for me and the mister. Great food, great drinks, and great vibes all in our own Fort Worth back yard. Can’t wait to return and try more of the Lockwood menu. We def had a fun time! Wonder what will we discover next…

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