Mommy Style 2.0

Wow! This section is in need of some dusting off! I haven’t wrote a blog about my style in…**sheesh**…how long? I know for myself with becoming a mom there was/is always a chance my sense of style could go flying into the abyss. Yikes! Do I even still have style??? 🤔 Let’s hope so.

I’m a full on mommy of two and my wardrobe has continued to evolve over that course of time. I’ve learned what things I have shied away from (like the color white because I’m always scared of it getting stained) 😮 and what things I’ve surprisingly enjoyed (like clear heels, who knew 🤷🏾‍♀️).

I’m excited to share my little learnings as well as the top 10 most favorite fashion go to’s in my current closet. Let’s go!!

1. Lululemon Align T Shirt: So I actually like this top so much I own it in two colors. It’s a sleek fitted crop top that I can easily wear with my high waisted pants. It’s pretty versatile as well. I’ve gone to the gym and sweated it out and worn it as part of a casual day outfit. It’s retained it’s shape and integrity. My favorite part is the gentle v-neck. Truly this top is built to last!

2. Levi’s High Waist Mom Jeans: I think I wear these every week 🤔 I break all the fashion rules in these jeans and I don’t care. I’ll wear them a couple days in a row here and there, I’ll wear them when I’m supposed to be more “dressy” and throw them on with heels…I would even wear them in my sleep! Ok that’s too far, but I truly do enjoy them. The fit is nicely tailored to my specific shape and I am a huge fan of the rugged hole cut outs. Chances are if I’m caught on a regular day, I’m in these.

3. Eloide Square Neck Puff Sleeve Top: This is also pictured above with my Levi’s. I had no idea I would like this top as much as I do. I have slightly broad shoulders which I like, but can be challenging to dress. In addition, placing more weight on my shoulders in the version of puff sleeves is technically a fashion no no for me, but what I realized was with the right pants, this actually accentuates my clavicle AND my waist. I call that a win win!

4. JCrew Leopard Print Calf Hair Skinny Belt: Ooooh I got this skinny belt for an absolute steal at a JCrew sale! I paid $10 (reg price is $40) and the plus is it’s not just a print belt, it’s made of calf hair. That adds to the texture and the overall appeal to the belt. Animal print is one of those easy to look cheap if not done properly and this is done very well imo. I’ve worn it with everything from tees to tanks and gotten many compliments.

5. Express Body Contour Bodysuit: I’ve become a fan of specifically Express bodysuits over the last year. My first experience was a solid black long sleeve one I purchased last fall. I had such a great experience I decided to come back for more in the spring/summer. I’m glad my re up didn’t disappoint. The fabric on these is thick and stretchy (kind of similar to shape wear). Bonus is it’s really comfy. I got mine in this tan/blush color and I feel like it’s so versatile and flattering.

6. Steve Madden Merritt Sandal: I guess this whole outfit above is a compilation of things I enjoy wearing. The clear sandals I’ve been sooooo geeked about this summer are these Steve Maddens. I’ve generally shied away from Steve Madden (it’s a long story from years ago, but it involves a $100 pair of stacked block heels that I had to return to Nordstrom because I wore them and the heel broke 🤦🏾‍♀️). Anyway these I like because they’ve allowed me to cautiously dip a toe into the clear heel trend. I’m not in the habit of wearing clear anything for my feet, but these are a nice mommy friendly option.

7. Vintage Lee High Waist Shorts: I found these from a friend looking to sell some thrifted clothes. They have that old denim wash that goes with a variety of tops. What I really like about these is the length and width for the legs. They don’t stick to me which is helpful for keeping cool during the hot months.

8. GapFit Rose Gold Running Short: These are kind of a fun story. I was out with my kiddos and I saw a lady wearing rose gold shorts. I was going to attempt to ask her where she got them, but just like that she was out of reach. I liked how they looked so much I googled “rose gold running shorts” and searched hoping I could find the pair she had. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to find the exact ones! These are comfy, airy, and come on with this color 😍😍. I’ve worn these as a gym staple and they haven’t failed me yet. Perfect for workouts and casual out and abouts.

9. Reformation Kaila Wrap Dress: Reformation is the brand of my dreams. My closet has steadily increased in their items and I have yet to be disappointed. I’ve owned this dress for a couple years and I always get compliments when I wear it. The simplicity is so spot on. The gentle wrap tie accentuates my waist and gives such a flattering shape. I’m usually not a fan of jersey material, but this feels smooth and I don’t sweat it out. Genuinely this has got to be my favorite go to dress. I typically wear it just like this, converse and cap ☺️.

10: Reformation Bardot Square Neck Top: Last but certainly not least is this blush pink top from Reformation again. I’ve typically hated cap sleeves because I think they rest kind of weird on my arms, but this is cut very nicely so I don’t run into that problem. I like the vertical rib knit which lengthens me out and the square neck is so clean cut. I feel so tailored in this top. I might give a second color a go.

So there you have it! Ten of my latest and most favorite closet go to’s. This has been quite the journey because I’ve been known to be more one and done in the clothing department. I still enjoy a crazy unique print and off the wall colors, but the older I get, my taste seems to refine. Can’t wait to see what will make my list for Fall!

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