A Very Merry Medieval Birthday

Every year for my birthday since I’ve been an adult, I’ve tried to celebrate it as much as humanly possible. I didn’t celebrate birthday’s growing up so I consider my special day as making up for lost time. I’ve generally enjoyed the medieval era as a kid. Whenever I would see the Medieval Times commercials I would tell myself, one day I’m going! And for my birthday this year, that’s just what we did!

When we arrived at the castle gates, the girls got super ecstatic. They couldn’t believe we were going into a “real” castle. Once inside, we promptly smoothed through the line and grabbed our paper crowns in colors supporting our featured knight.

Making our way through the crowds in The Hall of Arms, we got to our table and settled in just in time for the show. Because we had a larger party sitting together, our table was at the top, but it was perfect too because we were also center arena so we could see everything without anyone blocking our view.

They start off with introductions of the characters and beautifully trained horses. The level of skill to get a horse to bow I must say is pretty impressive. What a wonderful showcase of talent!

Following that, it was time for the tournament and feast! No one comes for the food, but as a fun part of the experience it’s purposely served without silver wear so table manners are outta there lol! You get a genius soup bowl with a handle (which I’m 90% sure I’m going to invest in some for our kitchen), a plate, and a mug. Cheers!

We got to view the knights putting lances through rings, spearing bullseyes, and tossing flags, all while riding horseback. I’ve ridden a horse one time in life and lemme tell ya, it was only walking and that was a challenge for me lol! I can only imagine how difficult all these meticulous tricks are for them with balance and acute focus.

About midway through the show, the announcer gets up and goes through his long scroll of birthday announcements. RJ hadn’t realized at the time he booked the tickets that he could have asked for a mention. I see him get up and walk off so I’m thinking he’s making a trip to the restroom. Not so.

This man, my husband, walked behind the upper stage to where the queen and announcer were sitting and attempted to get the announcers attention so he could tell him it was my birthday 🤣❤️ Bless my heart. He attempted to stop the whole show just for an announcement for me. It was really sweet, but also hilarious. Even though the guy couldn’t break character to do it, I just laughed to myself, yep that’s definitely my guy 🥰

The laughs continued. Since I was there with my immediate and extended fam we had smiles all around. Plus a knight tossed me a flower and everyone didn’t get one of those so I’ll take my pink carnation thank ya very much 😏

Lord RJ and Lady Kim 😉

Once the jousting and sword fights got underway, it was a game changer! They let down this netting to protect us lords and ladies from the flying sparks of combat. The crowds got hyped up for each knight they were representing. Only victory!!!

After all the excitement from the fighting, the show came to an end. We headed back out to Arms Hall to let the grands get souvenirs for the kiddos and take pictures with the queen and the falcon handler.

I would absolutely come again to Medieval Times! The kids got a kick out of it and I got to experience something that I’ve wanted to since my childhood. I’m happy to be able to also share the experience with my little fam. It’s nice to be surrounded by my favorite guy and gals. Joust the birthday I’ve always wanted 😉

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