Let’s Be Cute At The Gym

IMG_3439I really enjoy working out at our local Anytime Fitness. As I have become more of a regular, I realize one thing that helps me get excited about a workout is figuring out what the heck I plan to wear. It probably sounds crazy, and it might be, BUT I have also noticed when I take the time to find something cute and functional to sweat in, I actually do more work lol! Continue reading “Let’s Be Cute At The Gym”

My Other Latest Obsession: Wildfox Couture

IMG_3813I know, I know….I’m back already with something else I’m on about, but I can’t help it. Wildfox Couture is like that thing you’ve been thinking in your head and now it’s finally on a tee shirt! I can’t pass that up; a chance to be random without even opening my mouth!??! Shut up (in Rachel McAdams Mean Girls voice).

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High On Saint Cloud 9: My First Louis Vuitton


Eeeek! So excited! This should have happened by now, but better late than never right?! Today I received my very first Louis Vuitton Handbag! Now before I get into all the deets, let me just say I did purchase it certified authentic so it’s not brand new, but it’s new for me which is good enough! Introducing my Monogram Saint Cloud MM Cross Body Circa 1993 Continue reading “High On Saint Cloud 9: My First Louis Vuitton”

My Latest Obsession: Lululemon


I have a confession to make, my latest obsession is Lululemon. First off, I know I am late jumping on the band wagon. I don’t even know where this came from. I had been hearing about it, I had seen it, I had even been to the stores a couple of times. And now, like a fish on a reel, I’m hooked!

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