An Evening With Terry Bozzio

PenultimateFullSizeRenderHave you seen Whiplash? No? Well it’s a movie that is about a young college kid pursuing his dream of becoming a legendary percussionist (I highly recommend). At the end of the film, this kid gives the performance of his life! Totally rocks it out on his drum kit. My hubby and I love the movie so much that this weekend we were inspired to go see a drum performance by one Terry Bozzio (pictured above).

*I apologize for the lack of photos as during before, after, and during the performance we were not allowed to take photography.


I had never heard of Terry Bozzio, but what immediately caught my attention (and I imagine others as well) is his monstrous drum kit. It’s pretty intimidating to see in person and once he starts playing you start to wonder how he keep it all together during his compositions. The way he wields his arms from one side to another is mind boggling.

The show started on an offbeat pace in my opinion. In fact I didn’t really start to like it until later in the performance. After the third composition, I felt like I had a better understanding of what he was doing. Bozzio takes inspiration from different cultures, personal moments in life and historical respects to compose inspiring artistry played on his own personally built insturment.


At one moment he played what looked to be a simple box (one of my favorite pieces). He later explained his inspiration being the shipping crates slaves used to play on when their musical instruments had been taken away. He also spoke about where he finds some of his other musical instruments. Anything from a jingling keychain found in a Japanese sales shop, to a mini xylophone found at a Ross retail store.

Bozzio doesn’t play the way you would expect to hear drums in a typical setting, which is an interesting surprise. He plays the way he needs to in order to fulfill his artistic view point. Overall I would say his artistry is unique to the point I would consider going to another performance in the future. My hubs and I really enjoyed it.


After the performance, we decided to take a stroll around Sundance square and grab a bite to eat at Del Frisco’s Grille. We sat reminiscing over what we enjoyed about the performance. We ended up showing our server photos of Bozzio’s drum kit and struck up a conversation over the show. It’s amazing how seeing an instrument like that can really make people want to know more.

FullSizeRender-3 PenultimateFullSizeRender-1

It was a wonderful evening in Fort Worth for us. We sipped some drinks while enjoying the patio and watching people strolling around the square. So much adventure lives in Fort Worth. I love that they bring in unique artistry that can be appreciated across diverse crowds. This will forever be in our memories….mainly due to the fact that it’s impossible to forget a drum kit like that. On to the next adventure 😀

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