Foodie Friday: Peruvian Chile Lime Wings

Happy Foodie Friday!!! My husband LOVES wings. I’m almost certain they come somewhere after candy, but before napping πŸ˜‚ So this week I got in my spice rack for an easy dry rub on these juicy chicken bits.

First off, let me just say I’m far from a spice guru. I know what I like, however, I can be super lazy when it comes to trying to get creative and don’t even ask me to measure out all the spices to make my own rub.

That’s where Savory Spice Shop comes into play. A couple we’re friends with introduced us to this spot when we were visiting Austin and it’s so great (thanks Deb and Giles)! I got a few different rubs, but among my favorite is my Peruvian Chile Lime Seasoning.

It can be put on so many meats and for an easy dinner in under an hour, I tossed some wings in and set it in the oven so I could tend to other things.

The rub is mild spicy and has an edge from the lime. It’s easy to go back for more and not be overwhelmed by the heat. I kept it very simple and added a carrot medley and celery to give it that “wing bar” feel.

It’s good to know I can always trust my handy pre made seasonings to get me through a quick meal session. I’m all about flavor and easy and so this was a win for the night! ‘Til next time, happy eating!!!!

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