Foodie Friday: Loaded Vegan Nachos

Happy Foodie Friday!! This weeks meal I am super excited about not only because it tastes AMAZING, but after a long hard fought battle, I have FINALLY discovered a vegan cheese that I can eat without shuddering.

The vegan cheeses I have frequented in the past consisted mainly of cashews (which I am not a fan of) and nutritional yeast (which I always feel like I go overkill on). So after scouring the web, I ran across this recipe by Veggies Don’t Bite that uses potatoes and other vegetables as the base for the cheese.

I absolutely love it! In addition to potatoes, the recipe calls for carrots, a red bell pepper, onions, and of all things, chickpea miso paste. I really enjoy miso, so I was glad to have it incorporated into this dish for flavor and dimension.

For the loaded nachos pictured here, we used everything that would typically be on non vegan style nachos like vegetarian refried and black beans, home made guacamole (my husband makes it and calls it his “World Famous Guacamole”), homemade pico, and surprisingly good tasting Upton’s Naturals Chorizo Seitan.

If you are looking for vegan cheese options, this one I highly recommend. It mimics the gooeyness of a cheesy queso and come on, isn’t that the whole point anyway? I highly recommend!

Until next time, happy eating 😋


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