Dallas Date Night: Royal 38

Mister and I haven’t been out to Dallas in a while. When it comes to our dates we had found so many cool late night places on Fort Worth side, we kept it close in the pocket. We finally ventured back out to try a new spot located in downtown called Royal 38.

So when we go out to Dallas, we get a chance to dress up a tad more than when we are on Funky Town side. I had found a dress months ago back when it was still chilly out that I wanted to wear as soon as it was weather permitting. This was finally my chance! “Hey Kim orange you glad you waited?” 🍊😂

So we got all spruced up of sorts and hit the road. I typically try to keep a neutral stance when trying a brand new spot. Once we arrived and stepped into the restaurant, my expectations immediately went higher.

Our table was in an intimate back room and I must say the atmosphere was very nice. Dim lighting and backlighting against the seats gave off very lounge like vibes. BUT we ain’t here to talk about that; y’all I need to talk about this food 👀

We ordered a couple of drinks and an appetizer to start. The dish was called Filet Mignon Bites. Now before you keep scrolling to see this dish, think about in your mind what that seems like it should look like…Ok got a pic in your head?? Keep scrolling…

Y’all….they brought us a straight plate of chopped meat 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I mean it was good, but in my head I def pictured something much more elevated…maybe a little more appetizing looking at least?!?? It was kind of laughable, but I digress. The entrees weren’t much better either.

The dish I got was called a Chicken Schnitzel. It’s a breaded chicken breast with bacon braised red cabbage, lemon burre blanc, and truffle fries. First off, my chicken arrived with the lemon burre blanc already on it AND I tasted zero lemon…just butter. The fries were good, the cabbage was good, but what a shame the main dish was super sub par smh.

Hubby tried the Asian Braised Short Rib. This tasted better than what I got in my opinion, but even so, the food just didn’t jump out at us. Def no memorable bites, but we live we learn.

We were thankful to even get a moment to hangout outside the house. And even with unappealing food, we still enjoyed dressing up, had great conversations, and ended the evening on a positive note. Guess my overall lesson is that bad food can’t even ruin my evening…it’s all in the company I keep ☺️.

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