A Wicked Good Time

Ah Valentine’s Day 🥰 The love, the roses, the overstuffed teddy bears. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not big on Valentines Day. In fact, neither me or the mister are. However this go around, an exclusive Valentine’s Day menu at one of our newest favorite spots in Fort Worth tugged on our heart strings. Check out our midday lunch date escape.

Wicked Butcher is our latest upscale go to on this side. It was our second visit to the modern steakhouse. They’re located inside The Sinclair Hotel with their upstairs bar perched to the immediate left.

During the day the bar is closed and it’s solely the downstairs dining area that services the quietly bustling crowd of business folk and casual corporates. The hostess seated us and we got right to looking over the menu.

I couldn’t find the Valentine’s Day menu and was later informed that the particular menu was reserved for the evening dinner reservations (which of course were completely booked). No worries, I brought plenty of appetite so I was just happy to be there with my boo thang. Besides, in looking on the brighter side, it was nice to have the place at a chill mode so that we could enjoy having more of the space to ourselves ☺️.

We started off with a round of bread and cocktails. I had the Wicked Rita; a blend of tequila, pineapple, and habanero flakes to give it a nice heat kick. RJ enjoyed their Smokey Old Fashion which is poured from a vase-like glass with the foggy smoke billowing out behind the liquor.

The bread, oddly enough, resembles the shape of a turkey leg. From the exterior it looks pretty hefty and dense, but once you cut it open, it’s surprisingly more like croissant! It’s buttery and flakey and paired with some amazing salted rosemary butter 😋

RJ had zero shame going for their NY Strip with a side of creamed spinach. I chose the Steak Frites which comes topped with a delicious chimichurri. We dined away enjoying every bite. I will say Wicked Butcher is more than just the food, the experience of it is just all around clean and swanky.

Now of course we HAD to finish the afternoon with some kind of desert. We shared a gooey chocolate soufflé with sweet milk poured in the center. It was light and just the right amount of chocolate without being too fudge forward.

It was such a nice break in the day to spend with each other. We got to dress up and had a chance to talk about child actors, movies we would like to see come out in the future, people’s sense of humor and a whole host of other random topics. As always I love a good date with my favorite guy 🥰. Priceless moments like these just make my heart sing. I could definitely feel the love ❤️.

Til next time, I hope you’re encouraged to live and love to the full ☺️

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