Treat Yo Self: Pressed Massage Therapy

I am a huge fan of doing things here and there to treat myself. It could be anything from getting a mani pedi, reading while sipping some bomb tea, or one of my favorites, getting a massage! I just found out about this wonderful masseuse in my local city so of course I’m going to brag on her 😊. Welcome to my first experience at Pressed Massage Therapy.

Marquita Moore is the masseuse and owner of Pressed Massage Therapy here in downtown Fort Worth. It has a wonderful boutique feel to it and is set apart from other mainstream massage places making it a particularly unique experience. When I came in, I was immediately met with a quirky purple rug situated in a petite waiting room.

Marquita was immediately available after finishing up with another excited client. She walked me through the process and we discussed problem areas that might need extra attention. For $80 I chose to get the 60 minute Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage. I am a huge fan of hot stones because they relieve all my muscle tension and help this stay at home mommy relax.

The room is quite sizable for single use. I walked into soothing music, dim lighting, and pleasant scents to prepare the mind and atmosphere for ultimate relaxation. The furniture and decor are also simple and minimalist which is a nice touch to just clearing the mind space from clutter. To further enhance my appointment, I got to choose from five available oils for my own custom experience.

Once I was situated, Marquita came in and got right to work. She took extra care of my worst tension areas and really did a thorough job. I’m always surprised how quickly 60 mins can go when I’m so relaxed and relieved from the typical pace of mommy wife life.

Once the massage was finished Marquita made sure to tell me to take my time in coming to and she would be in the waiting area when I was ready. When I came out she also graciously gave me a tour of her other room that will be used for couples massages once she finds the right person to work with her. I told her to let me know as soon as she gets that up and running so I can also bring my favorite guy along for an experience 😊.

I will absolutely be back to get massages periodically. Marquita’s pricing is very cost effective for me and I’ve been wanting to find a way to incorporate them more throughout the year. If you’re in the Fort Worth area you should definitely give her a visit!

Happy relaxing 😌

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