Spring A Ling

Since it’s been a while from my last post, I figured I would do a catch up post in between. There has been a lot going on and it’s not even summer yet 😭 We’ve had everything from school events for Buzzy Bee to dinner dates to fun new experiences for both the littles. Let’s get to it 🙌🏾

Ok technically these first 2 events aren’t really spring, but they were at the tail end of Feb so they go in the bucket 😂

First up is our family game night. Every so often I will get us a card or board game I think we can all play. So far we’ve done Sorry, Let’s Go Fishing, Apples to Apples, and the newest one, Mouse Trap.

Have you ever played this game??? It’s really fun!Setting up the board is a doozy, but once all the pieces are in place it truly doesn’t get old watching the mice get trapped in the most elaborate scheme possible. The girls eventually stopped actually playing and just kept running the trap 🤣

The next non spring event that gets lumped into this blog is my oldest daughters first parents and me dance. We all came out for this. The gym was packed with tons of kids throwing balloons and dancing to music that I’m pretty sure was a kids bop cd. Jk, they had a DJ, but still, sounded kids bop-ish. Either way, little lady enjoyed hanging with her friends and even got a fun face panting with little sis.

March has been sweet! Bee kicked it off with a surprise chalk drawing of me in my wedding dress 😭

Annnnd meet my first gray hair Isha!! I’ve been growing her out for a few months now. She’s getting pretty long. I have since found a second gray in the front.

Bee had another school event called Around The World. It was super cute! All the school classrooms picked a country and served a dish from there. Parents and friends get to walk around the school with their “passport” to enter into the rooms and try all the food. Her classroom country was Canada. They also did a little dance performance in the gym while wearing their Canadian tuxedos (denim jacket and pants).

Park time with my little Jai Bird 😇

Bee has been taking her dance more seriously. She will be performing soon and I’m already in tears 😭

Me and mister went to a local spot called Turkey Den and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing monstrosity! It’s served with lobster, crawfish, mac n cheese, sausage, and of course there’s a turkey leg buried in there somewhere 😂

Went and had a family lunch date with our little scholar. I’m not sure if she was more happy to see us or the Chick Fil A 🤔

Got to go on a much needed date night with the hubs to his favorite restaurant in Dallas, Town Hearth. Afterwards we took a visit to Trinity Commons for some Kate Weiser macaroons 😋

Hubs treated the girls to rainbow mani’s 😍 He’s getting pretty good at this. Maybe I should have him do mine 🤔

In preparation for these Spring showers, I found the girls the cutest resale raincoats 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Some at home science fun with food coloring. First we tried a shaving cream raincloud, then we did water color art plates. A very simple inexpensive way to make a huge mess, but also tons of fun and learning.

Finally took the girls to their first official movie theater movie! We went with my side of the fam to see Super Mario Bros. It was really cute. I grew up on Nintendo and my youngest sis is a huge fan (as can be seen by her bday party we threw for her a few years ago).

The latest adventure was hubs surprised the girls with tickets to Frozen and Encanto Disney On Ice. I think excited was an understatement. They were glued to the performances the whole time and already want to go back. I’m just glad they didn’t have mascots walking up and down the aisles 😅

Bee decided she wanted to go as Elsa with the full on boots to match the dress. Jai Bird wore her pretty pink Aurora gown. There were so many Elsa’s present, I started to feel like I probably should have dressed up as Elsa too 😂

Spring has definitely been quite eventful for us. It’s so fascinating because with each new adventure I’m learning so much about how the girls understand and absorb the world around them. In a way I’m sad, but also so blessed and joyful to take in these moments along side them. I pray we get many more. Hopefully sharing our fun spurs some ideas for others out there too!

Til next time, happy adventures 🙂

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