Case Closed: Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Seller

Being on Poshmark is a lot like being in high school. There’s lots of community, drama, and excitement. As much as I enjoy selling and shopping the app, there are times I’ve also gotten frustrated; when I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly as the buyer or the seller. On this and the next few posts I want to talk about challenging experiences and what to learn from them. Get ready, it’s about to get deep!

This first case experience is on me as the seller:

I had listed an item and it had been online for a long time not selling. It didn’t really bother me because I’m typically in no rush to sell anything I have in my closet.

One day out of nowhere a buyer comes and just purchases the item outright. With few questions asked, it really caught me off guard. Nevertheless, I’ve had plenty of instances like this happen before, so as usual I packaged the item up and sent it on its way.

In eager anticipation (as I am with most of my packages), I waited for the buyer to spawn an awesome review gushing over how awesome the item was. It would be a 5 star for sure! Sad to say that review never came and what later ensued was a message from the buyer stating they received the item, but that they were heavily disappointed.

The item didn’t appear to their liking. They said it was not as described, that it looked dirty. Needless to say my first response was utter shock and panic. At this point I’ve had one 3 star review, over 100 items sold, and no one ever attempt to open a case on me.

In addition I double, triple, quadruple check everything that leaves my home. And I know for a fact I’ve never sold anything below my high standards so the claims felt more like excessive statements rather than truthful comments to me.

Not sure what to do at that point, I responded to the message, stating how I have high standards, sorry the item wasn’t to their liking and if they had to open a case, I would do whatever needed to help the situation (that doesn’t mean not fighting to justify my side of the story). The seller did open a case and ended up getting approval to return the item.

Coming from a strong retail background it’s not unusual to see people make comments on final sale items they want to return. This usually occurs when:

A. There is buyers remorse

B. The item does not fit how they anticipated

C. The idea of final sale is foreign

I worried a lot about my item while it was shipping back to me. I’ve heard stories of people doing things to items just so they could return or returning completely different items than what was sold and stealing them!

Thankfully that didn’t happen to me at all. The item was returned just as I had sent it out. I still did not see any issues with the item. Not even the claims about it being “dirty”. But I did find the mistake of where I had made the case not fall in my favor. I didn’t upload enough photos into my listing. Even though the seller bought off of the one I had provided, it wasn’t enough to satisfy.

In this case, once I got the steam to stop coming out of my ears, it really quit bothering me about what had happened. I still stand behind my item 100% (I would put 1000% but there is no such thing). I put the item back online and it will sell and go to a way more deserving customer. But there are some lessons to be learned in this experience that I would like to share:

1. The buyer is not always right even if they win a case. Again, this is my strong retail background talking, but if you’re a person of high integrity, and you know the kinds of items you sell and you can stand behind them, don’t let a buyer or anyone else make you think less of who you are or what you sell. I believe my buyer was being excessively picky and there’s really nothing that can be done about that. It’s easy to sit and mull over the one who returned something, but my Posh stats state just how much I’m rocking the game lol! I’d rather re-list and move on.

2. Put up as many photos as possible. As I stated before, this is where my error occurred. Because I prefer to use my own images, sometimes I don’t have time to put them all up and I’ll say something like “More pics coming soon” with the intent to catch up later. I typically do post more pics later, but with this particular item I simply forgot. Even if someone buys an item outright before you’ve posted all your photos, do yourself a favor and create a separate listing and tag the buyer. This way you can at least give them the opportunity to back out if there is something unexpected in a picture.

3. Don’t fly off the handle or throw out accusations. This one might be more difficult to do, but still try. I really had to keep it professional even though I wanted to basically go off lol! As a store owner, customer service is key. Besides, Posh has an outlet to respond  in any case that is open between the buyer and seller. Use the proper channels to voice your side of the story. Even if you believe the other person is in the wrong it’s ok to voice it to Posh.

4. Try to understand the buyers point of view and take every opportunity to learn from whatever the outcome is. It’s not a win/lose so to speak if you gain some understanding on the go forward. There just might be some validity to what is being said. After the initial flush of anger has subsided, take a moment to reel in and put yourself in the sellers shoes. If the comments being made are within reason, just resolve for the next time.

5. Always go through proper channels to resolve any issues with a return. This protects both parties in the long run. If the buyer reaches out and forewarns you  that they are going to open a case, just be as prepared as possible to respond through Posh’s channels so that everyone is protected.

It’s not easy being on the seller end of a return. Even though I learned some valuable lessons, there are more to be had. I’m sure the more I grow, the more likely it is that I’ll have to get used to someone being unhappy and wanting to return an item. Just as well learn from it as soon as possible to minimize it in the future.

So there you have it. My five minute rant about what it feels like to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to a case being opened against the seller. Questions, comments, or thoughts are welcome 😊. Next week I’ll share my insight from a buyers point of view in discussing what happened when I had to initiate opening a case. Happy Poshing!

**If you’d like to see my latest post on having cases opened on me, check out Case In Review: New Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Seller 2018 **

31 thoughts on “Case Closed: Valuable Lessons From Poshmark As A Seller

  1. Hi Kim,
    I was just wondering if there were any consequences for Poshmark siding with the buyer? Were you limited in your ability to sell afterwards?


    1. Great question! I wasn’t limited in my ability to sell after. I think depending on what the seller issue is (I.e. Falsifying a product) might be something they would take action on


  2. I totally understand your point of view as a seller. I am a 5-star seller and recently had a case opened against me for the item not being as described. I had multiple photos and called out everything in the description, including a flaw on the sweater with a close-up of the imperfection. I had really dropped my price for the seller – but that was not enough. She still was unhappy and Poshmark sided with her (which I don’t understand, based on all the information that was disclosed in my listing). I am currently waiting to get my sweater back and wondering if it has been damaged in any way as I have also heard stories about this happening. Bottom line is that I think she just didn’t like the sweater once it got there and this was her way of getting out of the purchase. Overall, I’ve had a great experience with my buyers, but some people will do anything to get out of a decision for which they don’t want to accept responsible.


  3. Poshmark doesn’t really do anything in my eyes to protect me as a seller. I just “sold” a pair of brand new sunglasses that had never been opened…I’m talking, protective wrapping still around the lenses. A case was opened for them and I commented to as the buyer what was wrong. She began accusing me of “bad business” and scratches all over the lenses. She sent them back- totally different pair of glasses!!! Poshmark did nothing. Blood boiling! I don’t know why I get so worked up over these darn stars but I hate wasting 1/2 hour of my day driving to a USPS to hand deliver the packages and getting nothing in return; especially, a product I didn’t even begin with.


    1. Oh wow that is super frustrating!!! I def feel your pain and sorry to hear that happened to you :(. I know that was a fear of mine that I wouldn’t get back the original item. I too feel like there is less done for sellers when it comes to cases like this. Sometimes it’s legit a bad sell, but other times the buyer is being picky or up to no good. However, you know what kind of seller you are. I would def block that person. It probably sounds silly but blocking people always brings me a little more satisfaction lol!


    1. That’s a great question! It was so long ago that this occurred so I’m not sure the protocol is still the same but shipping for a return to the seller is free on the first one. After that it is at poshes discretion if the seller pays for a returned item.


  4. Hi! Thank you for writing this! I just had a case opened against me after having so many wonderful reviews, and happy buyers. I sell quality merchandise and stand behind my items 100%. This item was my very best item I had to sell and was super exited to get that great review. And a case is opened. This vintage levis jacket was gorgeous. I’ve never had a better find! And they say item is not as described. I described it thoroughly and had all 8 pics listed. This jacket is BEAUTIFUL. I still don’t know what the complaint is about. Just “not as described”. I’m just so worried I’ll lose this and I so, get my jacket back damaged or something awful. I’m so worried and aaaaghhh 😦


    1. I had this same issue. It’s so nerve racking because you just hope and pray the buyer isn’t up to no good. I believe PM will let you know exactly what the problem is if the buyer hasn’t mentioned by now. Also remember that no matter the conclusion of this case, you’ve obviously been rocking the game based on your sales history. Good luck and let me know how the case goes. Rooting for ya!


      1. Thanks! I just got paid and status just switched to “delivered.” I guess that means I won? I do wish she was happy with her purchase. But there wasn’t a single flaw on it. Anyway, I really appreciated your post on this 🙂 thanks!

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  5. Thank you for posting. It makes me feel better to know I am not the only one with an experience like this. This exact thing just happened to me. I knew it was eventually bound to happen, but it took me off guard and it is very frustrating when you hear that someone is disappointed in something you put loads of hard work into. Sold her a pair of kids’ boots that were in good condition, but had some scuff marks, which I clearly stated in the listing. They were so minor, they were not really visible in the photos and Posh sided with her and told me that although it was written, it was allegedly too vague and I should have had specific photographs of each scuff. Like you, I still stand by the item and I am certain that I could have charged more and gotten 5 stars from any other buyer. I was not being intentionally misleading and these minor marks just didn’t even cross my mind as being an issue. She was picky and that is okay, but what were her expectations for a clearly stated used item with scuffs? I spent time cleaning the shoes, even threw in a free Baby Gap shirt, and rushed to the post office to ship them… I felt awful she was disappointed, but I feel she was being a bit harsh. You’re dealing with real people on Posh, not a big retailer, so I try to remember that for both sides. I allowed her to keep the shoes and also get her full refund. It just wasn’t worth it to me. It’s making me cautious about my listings and I’m honestly going to start representing pristine items as having normal wear just to be safe… although “normal wear” may be too vague for Posh apparently. Do understand why they side with the buyer in close cases though. I’d rather have people feel safe to shop.


    1. That’s great that you have a very objective view point when it comes to selling on Posh! I believe it’s easier to just be upset and it’s totally natural, but once you take time to see things for what they are, you realize you’re upset because you’re a great seller and you just know in your heart you care about your merch. At the end of the day, better to be like that in my opinion! Thanks for your input ❤️


  6. I am having a sort of similar – but different – situation happen to me right now. My buyer is claiming that I sent them an empty package. That’s right… an empty package. I have close to 100 sales and a 4.9 star rating!! She is opening a case with Poshmark because the item was “not as described” however I have a funny feeling about it. How can I possibly verify that that I sent my products and that she’s not just claiming something totally false? I hope I don’t get the short end of the stick when a decision is made, but from the other comments above it sounds like Poshmark tends to favor their buyers… This stinks.


    1. Oh wow that’s def not cool! I know I would be pissed at a false claim like that. There might be something you can do though. Do you have the tracking receipt? If so, a way to prove you sent something and discredit them is to look at the package weight. They always weigh to make sure the contents aren’t over 5 pounds. You can send that to Poshmark to prove you did send something. Please let me know how it works out. Rooting for you!


  7. I’ve had 2 cases opened on items that I’ve sold in the last month, both on items in which I accepted very low offers. One case was resolved in my favor; on the pending case, I’ve requested the other item to be returned. since I sold them at such a low price.

    I had never had cases open on me before – my listings include very detailed photos and descriptions, list and photograph all flaws, and have a 5.0 rating.

    I’m not accepting any more lowball offers, and am considering videotaping items, since the time it takes to photo and ship isn’t worth dealing with open cases. Do others do this? Worth the time documenting with video?


    1. You know, I think it’s very wise to video tape some of the postal drop offs. Around holiday time or with items $50+ I always go and get a physical receipt from the postal worker. I have video taped before, on items $100+. I won’t do it on every item, but the more expensive ones I will.


  8. Found this post when I was looking for info on other Poshmark cases against the seller. How long did it take them to resolve your case?

    I literally just made my first sale on Poshmark and the buyer was very anxious to receive the barely used purse from the listing. I’d negotiated the price with her somewhat, but still sold for lower than I’d listed it for. The item was delivered and the next day she opened a case saying it was “stained” and “not as described.” Should have checked her posher page I guess because the only 2 comments were another seller and her where she was claiming the same thing. Seems like a scammer to me and I pointed Poshmark towards the comments on her page as some sort of evidence that she has a history of this kind of behavior.

    Honestly, after that I took down my other two listings. I barely use Poshmark and even as a buyer I’ve already encountered cases where sellers never respond to purchases or they respond at first and ghost before mailing the item. If I wanted that general level of flakiness I’d try to sell stuff on Craigslist again. Rather donate my stuff at this point than deal with the hassle and too many people with bad intentions.


    1. Oh I’m very sorry that happened to you! Especially being a brand new seller. I believe my case was resolved in a weeks time. Fairly quickly, but still I didn’t care for the outcome at first. Took me a while to get over it, but I totally understand why you’d rather sell elsewhere. Posh really is a great selling platform. Unfortunately, shady people can make a challenge to want to continue. I hope things work out in your favor. All isn’t lost since you have proof she’s done that before.


  9. If the buyer opens a case do you know it right away? or does it just say ‘pending acceptance’ on the seller’s end?


    1. Hi Jessica! You know, that’s a great question. The status won’t say anything indicating an open case immediately. I believe it stays at the “pending” status until Posh emails you. It won’t go pass the 3 days still pending without them saying something though (at least in my experience).


      1. Got it! Thank you! Love this post btw- I just started selling on Poshmark so it was helpful. I’ll be checking out your other posts as well. 🙂


  10. Thank you for this post! It made me feel a lot better about a return . I especially loved, “don’t let a buyer or anyone else make you think less of who you are or what you sell.” Knowing that Poshmark tends to side with the buyer I was prepared that they would most likely award it to the buyer , I still stated my case but not going to lose sleep over it. It’ll be relisted and find a better customer. Thanks for your thoughts!


  11. Thank you for writing this post! I’ve sold over 70 items with an average of 4.9 stars but recently had my first case open with the buyer saying my item was not authentic. How does Poshmark determine if an item is authentic? I sent an email with pictures of my listing to support but haven’t heard back yet. Seems like she is now claiming the item is not the same item as shown in the photos after going back and forth. I honestly just want my item back since I sold it to her for a lower price. Since the item was delivered on Thursday, will Poshmark respond before the weekend? I assume their support doesn’t work over the weekend.


    1. Hi Michelle!!! Thanks for the question! It’s a good one. So if it’s under $500 I believe it’s just the buyers responsibility to verify authentication via images, questions, etc. If they claim an item is not authentic they would have to have some pretty strong proof I assume because that’s a very strong claim. I’m hoping and praying you win that case because it’s not cool of someone to falsify or suggest something isn’t real, especially when you’ve had credibility as a trusted seller! You’re doing the right thing.

      On the weekends I believe they don’t respond. I haven’t had a response on a weekend, but hopefully they will get back to you very quickly once resolved. Let me know how it goes! Rooting for ya!


  12. Thank you for writing this- I just had a case review against me with the buyer saying- the jeans were snagged (big snag pic included), damp. not stretchy enough but tag read “super stretch”….. I was so hurt and then mad because these jeggings were never washer prior and sent damp, they were purchased from another posher and not new so stretchy, hmmmmm? (look at material mixture) AND the kicker? She couldn’t get them over her feet- WHAT? I told her I never send damaged items and if she found a “snag” i.e. loose thread- clip it. Later I discovered she used to be a size 16 (these were a slim, stretchy long 10) and her listing don’t list ankle measurements. Why lie this much? The end result- she got her money back and was able to keep the jeggings. I also got my $ but the hassle for $7 wasn’t worth it. I had to bite my tongue and just block after that. Am I dealing with children? Many times the items I buy have something or other that isn’t perfect. I still give 5 stars for wrapping, shipping on time, fun item, great convo,…….. my husband has told me if I get that bent over women like this than I shouldn’t be selling. But really- can’t more buyers just talk to the seller and let them fix it? Why be sneaky, hanging out behind a rock, and biting ankles as someone walks by……. come into the light my friend!


    1. I totally hear you! It’s def no fun and does make it a lot less hard from a selling point of view. Some people aren’t very good customers and that’s just part of the buying/selling relationship but hold your head up knowing you did everything in your power to provide the best experience 😊


      1. Thanks Kim! It was good to hear from someone who understands. For the few that give PM a less than steller name- there are those who are, indeed, gems.


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