Good Eats: Angie’s Bikkles


One of my first introductions to Jamaican style flavors was a great spot over in Dallas called Elaine’s Kitchen. They had everything from fall off the bone ox tail, curry goat, amazing jerk chicken…you name it they had it. The only small problem I had was this place was it being in Dallas. I’m a Fortworthian and I am LAYYY-Z. Like when it comes to going anywhere, if I can’t find it locally, chances are I’m just not going lol!

A couple of weeks ago, I was hunting trying to find a spot for me and a friend to meet up for lunch. After searching on Yelp, I see Angie’s Bikkles pop up. What caught my attention was all the wonderful reviews people had left online. My mind was made up, I was going to need to try this spot out! Continue reading “Good Eats: Angie’s Bikkles”

Good Eats: Brewed “The Locals Living Room”


Brewed has easily become a favorite for our little family and pretty much anyone who comes to visit us. “Have you been to Brewed?” is asked at least monthly by one of us to someone we know. It does very much so live up to its nickname.

For months we obsessed over Brewed. I’m quite sure in one week I had visited 3 days back to back with zero shame! They have a great menu with plenty of variety ranging from burgers to risotto. And they are also one of the few restaurants that believe in duck fat (all day everyday if I could). One of my favorites on the menu is The Ricotta Fritters with Carmel Apple Sauce. Do not share this one, I am warning you! Just order your own and enjoy.

Pictured above is another great thing that Brewed has to offer…coffee and tea. I am not a super connoisseur BUT when it comes to exactly Chai Tea Lattes, I get particular. Perfectly balanced, spicy, and hot….all I can say is, it was #Loveatfirstlatte.