Dallas Daycation Staycation


Local adventure for us constitutes any city located within an hour of driving. During the summer Hubby and I are extra busy with work and visiting friends and family so we can forget to hang out with each other….duh LOL!

A couple weeks ago we decided to do a staycation in Dallas. We were going to be out there for a friends birthday anyway so I recommended we book a hotel (yes we are at times too lazy to drive back from Dallas to Fort Worth lol! Don’t judge us).  Continue reading “Dallas Daycation Staycation”


Slide The City: Fort Worth

IMG_2933Events like these come a dime a dozen and you just have to pounce on them. Slide the city came to Fort Worth last year and set up a huge slip n’ slide down Main Street bridge. I never got a slip n’ slide as a kid, so of course I am going to be geeked at the opportunity to try this out! Continue reading “Slide The City: Fort Worth”